Behexen – My Soul For His Glory (2008)

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The latest full length release from this Finnish black metal group.   Behexen began their career in 1994 and since then have managed to conjur a steady onslaught of uncompromising, in-your-face, Satanic black metal.   This album is one of my favorites from 2008 and should be up on your list as well.   I grabbed my copy from the local cool record store, but if you are not as fortunate as I am to have a shop that carries metal in your vicinity,  grab a copy from  The Omega Order .

Behexen – My Soul For His Glory [2008]


Nae’blis – Sketches of Reality (2007)

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Atmospheric/depressive one man black metal project hailing from Sweden.   This is Nae’blis’ second full length album , which was released in CD format in 2007.  Two vinyl pressings, black and clear  were released in 2008 by Northern Silence Productions.   Fans of acts such as ColdWorld, Krohm, and I Shalt Become are sure to enjoy this album.   Purchase it here.

Nae’blis – Sketches of Reality [2007]

The Sisters of Mercy – First and Last and Always (1985)

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Debut album from The Sisters of Mercy and by far their best material. Despite frontman Andrew Eldritch’s highly vocal rejection of the designation “Goth”, First and Last and Always has consistently been praised in the canon of gothic rock, and in December, 1999, Q magazine included it in their list of “The Best Gothic Albums of All Time”.

I simply cannot praise it enough.  Listen and enjoy.

The Sisters of Mercy – First and Last and Always [1985]

Swans – The Great Annihilator (1995)

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Now I must admit, I only recently got into this band thanks to someone who so generously sent along a few of their albums.  This is the first one I heard and it completely blew my mind.  Swans have a very diverse catalog and this particular album is more song oriented and easier to digest than others.  Nonetheless, it is a very powerful and passionate release and should be heard by EVERYONE.  Read more about Swans here and this particular album here.

Swans – The Great Annihilator [1995]

Bethlehem – Dictius Te Necare (1996)

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This is Bethlehem’s second full length album, released in 1996 on Red Stream.  It’s one of my favorites and a must hear for anyone who enjoys their black metal with a dose of suicide. Rainer Landfermann who is from the well known German death metal band Pavor is the vocalist on this album and has been described as “one of the sickest and most extreme voices you’ll ever hear from a human being”. Oddly enough (because most of the time I do not agree with the reviews written on this site), there are some really nice reviews for this album on Encyclopaedia Metalium which are worth taking a look at.

Bethlehem  – Dictius Te Necare [1996]

The Titanoboa

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I stumbled across this article at work yesterday.  Very cool stuff:

The largest snake that ever lived gives scientists important information about the climate of the tropics in ages past

“A snake so huge it could swallow a crocodile in one gulp has been unearthed in a coal mine in Colombia.

The anaconda-like creature lived 58 to 60 million years ago, and was as long as a city bus and as heavy as a car, said University of Toronto paleontologist Jason Head, the lead author of a paper on the largest snake ever found. The research was published in today’s edition of the British journal Nature. “

Click on the link above to find out more about this ancient beast!!