The Tree of…Death?

One of my works of art. Please tell me if it sucks or not.  I drew this up using numerous forms of media , then scanned and filtered the ever living crap out of it with Photoshop.


~ by blackcrushingsorcery on January 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Tree of…Death?”

  1. Well I’ve got the notion that it’s not particularly brilliant. The birds look like seagulls on a victorian sea view picture or something, which is comical and the lack of definition in the shape of the skull doesn’t really help matters.

    I hate to say it but to me any deep meaning it might convey is compromised by the image of a once living man with a small plant sprouting from his skull.

    • I appreciate your honest opinion. Not one of my favorite pieces and it was more or less an experiment of sorts.

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