Katharsis – VVorld VVithout End (2006)

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German black metal, not to be confused with the progressive/gothic metal band of the same name.    Read this review posted at  The Metal Crypt.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Katharsis – VVorld VVithout End [2006]


Neige et Noirceur – Crépuscule Hivernal sans Fin sur les Terres de la Guerre (2009)

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Crepuscule Hivernal cover

Very good quebecoise wintry ambient black metal with their (his :)) first proper CD release. There’s a strong resemblance in style (without sounding like copycats) to Paysage D’Hiver both in the long ambient passages and in the more aggressive (but here more melodic and polished, unlike the Swiss rawness) black metal ones. Very solid stuff. Buy here…

…or download here.

Astral Luminous – Lunaric Tide (2009)

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Lunaric Tide cover

A new Ambient/Black metal one man band from the US. Self described as “black metal for the body, mind and soul” this is a highly atmospheric album that is probably best described as the bastard child of Darkspace (more specifically the spacey drones of Dark Space II) and middle era Burzum with it’s majestic keyboard ambience. The music coupled with the lyrics dealing with topics like metaphysics and astral projection evoke a mood that’s best described as transcendental. Oh, and the artwork is awesome!.Buy here…

…or download here.

Martyrdöd – In Extremis (2005)

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Do you like Swedish hardcore/crust? If so, you have probably already heard this album and if you are new to this particular style of music, right here would be a good place to start.  This is a must have for fans of Skitsystem and Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade and is available to purchase used or new at Amazon. UP THE PUNKS!

Martyrdöd – In Extremis [2005]

I Shalt Become – The Pendle Witch Trials (2009)

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The new album from this one man depressive black metal outfit.   Absolutely beautiful and haunting music!  As of right now,  this album is limited to only 200 hand numbered copies directly through No Colours Records.

I Shalt Become – The Pendle Witch Trials [2009]

Hail – Inheritance of Evilness (2003)

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Inheritance of Evilness cover

Epic. Brutal. Awesome. This band somehow manages to create a perfect blend of the old finnish and greek schools of black metal with their very own epic touch. The CD is, unfortunately, limited to just 666 copies so it’s not that easy to find and last year Northern Heritage released a D-LP (also in limited quantity) with two bonus tracks. Try to search here :)…

…or download here.

Verdunkeln – Einblick in der Qualenfall (2007)

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Einblick in der Qualenfall cover

First post here (or on any blog, for that matter), so please bear with me :).

Here we have one of the most original and interesting black metal acts to emerge on the scene in the last decade with their sophomore album. With a whole plethora of styles ranging from weird and psychedelic to epic and atmospheric while never forgetting the groovy and catchy, this is simply a must own. Buy here…

…or download here.